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Geotechnical Engineering

  • Geotechnical Engineering - Soil Borings & Soil and Foundation Designs Geotechnical Investigations are performed to determine important subsurface engineering properties for use in the design phase of a development project. Soil properties such as bearing capacity, cohesiveness, shrink and swell tendencies and moisture can drastically affect the costs associated with site preparation and construction.

  • Basin Infiltration Testing Basins are used to collect storm water and release it at a controlled rate to prevent flooding or erosion of soils. Each basin is designed to release water at varying rates that are suitable for the areas in which they are located. Infiltration testing is performed during and after the construction and stabilization phases to insure design infiltration rates are met.

  • Pavement Reduction Services Typically, the approved pavement section selected is based on a “poor” subgrade. Underwood Engineering will conduct all field and laboratory soil testing and traffic analysis required to improve the subgrade classification and reduce the paving section, thus reducing a project’s cost.